What is Gembox Spreadsheet – What are Gembox Spreadsheet Features?

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Gembox Spreadsheet

Gembox Spreadsheet is a .NET (Software Framework by Microsoft Windows) component software. It performs a number of functions like reading, writing, editing, converting and printing spreadsheet files from your standard application. The positive point is that it uses only one simple API to do all this. If you use Gembox Spreadsheet you experience a fast and reliable component which is very convenient to use. Usually, we face a major obstacle while working in the form of licenses but this software requires only .NET which enables you to deploy your application easily without much fuss.

It comes in a free version and paid version. Free version has some limitations of course, like the maximum number of rows per sheet is 150 and maximum number of sheets per workbook is only 5. Moreover, it does not provide technical or any other kind of support to free version users. In full version you have no such restrictions. Gembox Spreadsheet can be used for Java Free. It can be used for any purpose including commercial usage.

Gembox Spreadsheet

Gembox Spreadsheet Features

Here are some of the important offered Gembox Spreadsheet feautures:

  • It reads HTML files, text files (CSV, TXT) and excel files like XLSX, XLS, ODS.
  • It writes, creates and converts XLSX, ODS, HTML, CSV, XLS files.
  • Single performance interface is used for multiple formats like PDF, PDF/A.
  • It has the feature of model manipulation such as it can edit sheets, styles and formats, cells, images, charts, tables etc.
  • Multiple platforms are used by this to read, write, edit spreadsheets in .NET 5, .NET Framework, Mono, and Xamarin.
  • It has a pretty fast performance rate, it reads and write 1,000,000 rows with less than 256MB RAM and less than 4 seconds.
  • Quality for rendering and printing, formula calculation engine, medium trust support, is pretty high.
  • It gets, creates, edits all the necessary things you may need like images, charts, rows, columns, headers and footers, cells, hyperlinks and all kinds of formatting.
  • Spreadsheets are protected, encrypted and digitally signed.
  • All the unsupported elements like illustrations, charts, macros, smart arts, slicers are preserved.

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