Wedding Veil and Other Accessories

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Flowers, claws, headdresses, crowns, such as brightness or not. Not only the difficult choice of wedding dresses also needs to know to combine it with the hair accessory. The veil still reigns in some traditional ceremonies more slowly it is changing. Are now made of lighter fabrics, even long ones, who make simple embroidery to match the dress.

“The veil is great for the afternoon ceremony and evening, but if the dress is a very elaborate model, it is interesting to put a veil with a few layers to not hide. The evening is also very much a super long veil, as enriches the look of the bride “, says the designer Maria Zeli. Veils shorts, less serious and more charming, no longer than eight feet in length are suitable for weddings in the morning or the afternoon, especially in outdoor ceremonies.

The hair often get stuck, something more chic and stylish, however this is not really a rule, some loose hairstyles with veils super light can only be used in the ceremony and the party removed. For the designer, her loose hair should not fall only on the forehead or face. “With them, the bride can still wear the crown or claw.” Have Married Monica, hairstylist specializes in weddings, tiaras and bands indicates the height of the forehead, a trend.

“In hair loose or attached, the veil can be used, and the hair loose the veil always starts from the top of the head above the hair being auctioned by the accessories. Already in prison, he is usually placed under the hair with an emphasis on elaborate detail in hairstyles and accessories, “explains the director of yarn hair salon.

Formal Ceremonies

When the veil is at the shoulders or elbows often combines with all kinds of dresses, the largest to the tip of the finger of the bride just does not go well with models above the ankles. The long and sophisticated veil cathedral are called for formal ceremonies and night, indoors. The important thing is to do multiple layers and take the longest in the party. “I think there is a tendency for veils, what exists is the profile and style of the wedding where the bride wants to perform at your wedding,” Casado says.

At the time of choosing your balance is also true, the more details you have the dress, simple and discreet will be the veil.

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