Staying Organized During A Small Business Move

by Scotty
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Business Moving

Whether you’ve found a less expensive rental down the street, or you feel like your small business could do better on a different side of town when the time comes to move your small business, do you know where to start?

The Boulder movers and packers at All My Sons Moving & Storage know arranging for a move is complicated, especially when you’ve got employees and customers to worry about as well. Here are our top tips for staying organized during a business move:

Step 1: Let your employees know about the move! Give them plenty of notice so everyone can jump on board with preparation and packing.

Step 2: Let your customers know the deal. You don’t want to put a ton of effort into moving, only to lose customers who had no idea you were relocating. At least a month prior to your move, try posting a sign or just letting each of your valued customers know about your new location, and when it will be opening. Communication is important.

Step 3: Get the right packing supplies. Don’t cram all of your stuff into worn-out boxes. Our team of Boulder movers offers top-quality moving supplies to ensure your items are protected and arrive at your new location safely. We offer packing supplies for computers, fragile items, oddly shaped items, big items, small items, sharp items, and anything else you may need to transport. We’ve got you covered. The right supplies can make your move smooth or miserable – so we suggest going with durable packing supplies. Call us for boxes, protective padding, bubble wrap, tape, labels, dollies, and of course moving trucks.

Step 4: Don’t interrupt workflow. Call on us for full packing services and we’ll carefully and strategically pack your entire business for you.

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