Primal Elements Adds Special Occasion Color Bowls

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Food Bowl

To offer a wider variety, Primal Elements has expanded the Primal DeLights®Candle Collection to include Special Occasion Color Bowls, large anodized aluminum candles and votives. The collection features designs celebrating Fall, Halloween and the Christmas season with anodized lids and aluminum containers sporting festive colors.

The Color Bowls contain a mixture of Primal Elements patented translucent “paragel” and high quality wax creating a stained glass effect while burning. The Color Bowls have an approximate burn time of 40 hours and a suggested retail price of $15.00 each. The 5.5-ounce aluminum container candle created with high quality colored wax topped with coordinating gel images, provides an average 30 hours of festive illumination with a suggested retail price of $12.00. Each 8-10 hour “paragel” accented votive has a suggested retail price of $2.50.

Pumpkin Patch has the inviting fragrance of sweet, spiced pumpkin. The Color Bowl Candle is made of beige wax mixed with orange and green gel. The Pumpkin Patch Aluminum Candle is topped with an orange gel pumpkin in an orange anodized container.

Happy Halloween carries the scent of fresh, ripe mangos. The Color Bowl combines orange wax with black and orange sparkled gel. The Happy Halloween Aluminum Candle is filled with orange wax topped with a Jack-O-Lantern gel face in a black anodized container.Holiday has the rich fragrance of orange peel and dried fruit mixed with holiday spices. The Color Bowl

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