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Moving is a colossal task with no less importance. Experienced movers can cope with it some how but if you are moving for the first time, the task becomes gigantic. But nothing to stress about, there is a first time for everything. If you make a plan and follow it then chances of messing something up lessens pretty much.

All you have to do is seek some professional help and make sure you take care of those items which need special caring. Everything is different in nature and demands some specific care. You can take the example of power equipment. If you somehow neglect them or pack them without undertaking account of their special requirements, chances of their going bad multiplies. If you live in Dubai, you can find several movers and packers in business bay for hire to help you with your moving adventures.

About a week before the movers come, be sure to empty out all gas and oil and properly dispose of it.  This includes lawn mowers, gas powered weed eaters, edgers, trimmers, generators and anything else that is powered by gas.  You will need to wash down all equipment that has dirt, grass and grease on it. 

They will not pack things up that has dirt and grass stuck to it.  Your equipment needs to be clean.  You will need a scrapper to get the compact dirt and grass off the bottom of your lawn mower.  Use soap and water or a cleaning product for power equipment.  Change air filters too, as these have dirt in it too. 

Department of agriculture requires that you have no dirt on them due to pests being able to be transported to an area that they are not normally found.  They can be very destructive to crops in that area.  Also as a side note, make sure you empty your vacuum cleaner bags or any dirt that are in them if they do not have bags for the same reason.

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