How to Guarantee Yourself the Best Caribbean Romantic Vacation

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Romantic Vacation

Everything about the Caribbean shouts, “Romance!”  If you and your partner or spouse are looking for a place to spend your next romantic vacation, you will have more options than you could imagine if you consider the Caribbean.  You can spend your getaway, for instance in the privacy of a suite in an old windmill, or enjoying the dramatic views from your thatched- roof cliff-top cottage at The Caves in Jamaica.  Vacationing in the Caribbean is guaranteed to revitalize your romantic life! 

The one thing you don’t want to have happen, however, when you’re escaping to the Caribbean, is to be charged more than necessary or to arrive at the wrong time of year (which means hurricane season).  Because the temperatures in the Caribbean fluctuate very little from month to month, you’re guaranteed plenty of sunshine no matter when you arrive.  But depending on when that is, you may end up spending 40% more than you would have if you had timed your romantic getaway for the slow season. 

Peak season for traveling in the Caribbean extends from mid-December to mid April, and is at its height during the year-end holidays.  The slow season extends from late spring to early fall, when most of the sun seekers from the northern US are experiencing warm weather at home.  But this is also the time of year when the Caribbean is most likely to experience hurricanes. 

The best way for you to maximize the chances of an unspoiled Caribbean romantic vacation is to work with a travel agent who is familiar both with the hurricane season, and with the “hurricane zones.”  Ask your travel agent about a getaway in the “ABC Islands,” which are the southern Caribbean islands of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao.  Any travel agent who regularly sends vacationers to the Caribbean should have a clear idea of where the hurricane risks are minimal, and should also be able to offer you terrific deals on slow season packages!  Both Trinidad and Tobago are other southern Caribbean destinations where you are likely to be threatened by hurricanes. 

A top-notch travel agent will also know which Caribbean resorts offer weather guarantees.  If you work with a travel agent who belongs to SuperClubs, for example, you’ll find that the Jamaican resorts belonging to SuperClubs promise you’ll have sunshine every day during your stay and if you don’t you’ll get a credit voucher for the cost of that day so you can add an extra day to your next day at a SuperClubs resort!  The same applies if you’re SuperClubs vacation is disrupted by a hurricane! 

Knowing which travel agent to use when booking your Caribbean romantic vacation will make all the difference.  Use the Internet to look for reviews on different agencies, and explore different travel forums to see what you can find about various travel websites.  If you are working with a brick-and-mortar travel agency, go online to compare the prices of the package deals you find with the prices your travel agent is quoting.  

Regardless of whether you work with a travel agent or end up making your own arrangements for a romantic Caribbean vacation online, you are in for  unforgettable few days of relaxation, fun, and luxurious privacy in breathtaking surroundings with your significant other! 

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