Fake or Authentic Designer Bag?

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Sometimes is very hard to identify fake handbags because the copy is very well done and just experts can notice differences. On other hand, many people don’t know how to identify differences. But there are some very noticeable sign that every average person can notice and here are tips on how to recognize if your bag is fake.

Way to Spot A Fake Designer

First look material that is used. Most of the fake bags are made from leather that doesn’t have the same quality. Inside of bag is also a good quality of leather and surface has also high quality. The smell of bag is also a good indicator for fake bags, very often fake bags smell on chemicals. The authentic designed bag always smell on real leather. This is common for a high-quality designer bag.

Very important are details that can recover fake handbags. Zippers should be printed with the brand’s name which should be printed correctly. This detail is not valuable because many fake handbags have this detail. Every authentic handbag have seams that are carefully designed and without mistake. Inside of fashion handbag is a high-quality material, mostly satin. The lining in a real handbag is always stitched and never attach with glue or some other material.

Some brands put inside of bags authentic hologram sticker which can be very hard copied. Authentic hologram sticker must be stitched, on the same way as lining. Some brands for protection also used to sewn serial number inside the handbags. The price of handbags also can warn you to take attention. If you find some designer handbags cheap you should to think if it is fake. Authentic designer handbags can not be cheap, but note that a high price is not a guarantee that you bought real bag. On the market are available many fake designer handbags for very high price- same as authentic designer handbags. Anyway, you can try to compare your handbag with a handbag in the official store.

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