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How often have we stopped ourselves from traveling because we make up excuses about why we can’t do it? “I don’t have the time”, “I don’t have the money”, “I don’t know if I can get off from work” are all lines that often come out of our mouths. But usually, with some rearranging of schedules and setting aside of money, we can take that trip to London or other overseas countries. Why would you not want to go somewhere new, if given the opportunity?

Travel Planning Guide

A lot of planning a vacation is about setting it far enough away that you have that time to save up as well as let your job know you are taking time off. But you also want to plan it within a reasonable time frame. Telling yourself you’ll go in “3 years” is not setting a true date and can cause you to keep pushing it back. Aim for 12-16 months’ time to save up and make plans. You can also cut costs by working with a travel agency to get cheap airline tickets or whole vacation packages for less than purchasing everything separately.  Finding a great deal is as easy as working with one of their agents!

There are many adults out there who don’t yet have a passport and others who have let theirs expire. But it’s going to be a problem when you realize you want to travel outside of the country! Getting a passport can take a decent amount of time and you don’t want to do it all last minute, because you might not get it in time for your Europe airline flight. You’ll need to pick up the paperwork for a passport at your local post office. From there you’ll need to attach copies of your ID and get yourself a passport photo. You can do this at any walk-in one-hour photo place.

Once you fill out the paperwork and get everything together it has to be notarized before it is sent out. Head back to the post office and give them everything. They’ll get the rest in motion. It takes 4-6 weeks to get your passport once you’ve done all these steps, so plan on getting your passport well in advance of your trip. Having a passport is not only great for international travel but just for have as another major form of ID, if ever you should need it. Everyone should get one!

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